The Secrets of the Cosmetics Industry

The Secrets of the Cosmetics Industry

People quite often ask "What is a good skincare product?" or "What are the top skincare brands?"

We don't have the definitive answer for those questions, but we do know that the question "What is a safe skincare product?" is important to us, and that's why we choose natural ingredients across our skincare range.
The ingredients in our skincare products is something that we should all be concerned about. This is a great (and pretty downright scary) video of what you should know about products that are most likely lurking in your bathroom and cosmetics bag!
Check out this great video that "The Story of Stuff Project" made back in 2010. This is a great example of how 2.5 Million (views) people can't all be wrong, and that being informed and making clear choices when we choose to buy products, is no longer a passing fad. Don't forget to give the video a big Like and show The Story of Stuff Project some love by visiting their links below because they really do have some amazing content. 



We can choose to feel beautiful without using twenty products.

But we'll know that whatever we choose, the most important choice, the choice to be safe and healthy, has already been made.

You know what's best for your body, so choose the best natural ingredients for your skin's health.

A big THANK YOU to The Story of Stuff Project for keeping us informed!


Njoy xx

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