Our Story


Njoy Cosmetics was born from the idea of doing good in the world through skin solutions.

We’ve grown from that idea into a boutique producer of some of Australia's finest skincare products. We sincerely believe that what we have created, is nothing short of the finest natural skin experience possible.

Njoy is proudly Australian made and owned.

We treat skin ailments with a natural and chemical free alternative to skincare

By using Australia’s finest ingredients, our high quality, chemical-free and organically derived formulations offer a natural alternative to skincare that is backed by science. Expertly crafted and made in Australia, our products solve real skin problems for our customers (many who visibly notice improvements within days!)

We believe in a natural approach to finding organic skin solutions, and actively avoid the use of harsh chemicals found in many of the big brands. After years of successful research, we want to offer help to customers on the search for skin loving ingredients for their eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, rosacea, acne and dry skin – just to name a few.

Njoy products are designed to make you feel your most beautiful
We take a refined approach to skincare. Our products are created with premium quality nourishing botanicals, developed in collaboration with Australia’s finest lab technicians. It’s not just about the organic and natural ingredients we include, but more importantly it’s about what we leave out. Our range is free from parabens, sulphates, colours, synthetic fragrances, phthalates and formaldehyde causing agents. We’re also 100% gluten free, cruelty free, palm oil free and vegan friendly.

Our promise is to help you feel organically good in your own skin.


Meet the Founders


Hi, we’re William and Natalie, the couple behind Njoy!

For many years, we have been big fans of the natural ingredients in skin care products, and have found them to be helpful for our different skin ailments.

Both ourselves, and family members have suffered our fair share of Eczema, Dermatitis, Tinea, Hives, Shingles, and Psoriasis, and we most certainly know the frustration that comes from these conditions. You also learn the things that work, and many things that don't work quite so well either!

Our journey started with years of background research into natural and organic ingredients and their effectiveness for skin sensitivities and ageing, and developed into an idea to create our own natural skin solutions. At times, the process of creating skin care products seemed out of reach, like it was something exclusively done by the beautiful 20-somethings of the world, but through perseverance and a little luck on our side, we have been very fortunate to work with a leading manufacturer and lab technicians who are amongst Australia's finest. We feel there is no substitute for quality and, after all, that's why Australian made products are trusted the world over.


In this world of beauty and perfection, we certainly don't claim to be anything special, but Njoy is certainly the best version of us.

Natalie and William

Njoy xx


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