So Who Is NJoy??

 William & Natalie Joy 2019


So, who is njoy??

Simply put, we are just very ordinary, everyday people! Njoy, originally was just an idea, and that idea was to do some good in the world and create an ongoing legacy, but not really sure how to. Creating topical products is usually done by the "Beautiful 20 Something Year Old's" of the world, and not ordinary 45 & 47 yr old's like us. Njoy has now grown from that idea into a Boutique Producer of some of Australia's finest skincare products. We do have short manufacturing runs, and our catalogue is small, but we sincerely believe that what we have created, is nothing short of the finest natural experience possible.

As kids who grew up in our respective rural area's, and as children of struggling farmers, we knew the value of community and helping others. I think it's your childhood that forms a good part of the person that you become, and that's why njoy stands for, something greater than ourselves.

Our journey is still evolving, and we learn such much more about our new business, and ourselves every day. Being fallible is something that you learn with the wisdom of life's experiences. Our manufacturer and lab technicians are amongst Australia's finest, as we felt that there was no substitute for quality and that's why Australian made products are trusted the world over. 

For many years, we have been big fans of the natural ingredients in The Body Shop's ® products, and have found them to be helpful for our different ailments. In a lot of ways, our products are similar in their 'Natural' approach to finding organic solutions and in so doing, avoiding the use of very harsh chemicals that most other brands use. Even though we feel that we have improved on the model by using Australia's finest ingredients, if you find that our products are not right for your skin sensitivities, then we would highly recommend checking The Body Shop® out, because we believe that the natural option is always the best one. Both ourselves, and family members have suffered our fair share of Eczema, Dermatitis, Tinea, Hives, Shingles, and Psoriasis, and we most certainly know the frustration that comes from these conditions. You also learn the things that work, and the things that don't work quite so well too!!

We consider it a gift, and a blessing, to be able to have created a line of products that offers pure and natural solutions. We enjoy sharing a little bit of positivity and kindness to the world on our facebook page every chance we can, so be sure to come over and be part of our beautiful community, we'd love to see you there.

As a loving couple,we were not fortunate enough to be able to have children of our own, and sometimes you wonder what the whole reason for being here is when you are not able to give the gift of life. This is something that we struggled with for a long time, and sometimes we still do. So instead of being so sad and miserable on ourselves, we've decided to try and create a beautiful legacy of our own. Something that gives generously to those who are in need, something that fosters community goodwill, and something good that we can be remembered for, both during our time and beyond it.

In this world of perfect people, we certainly don't claim to be anything special, but njoy is the best version of us.

So now that you know who njoy is, we hope you have a lovely day, and you never know, perhaps together, we can create something really beautiful!

William and Natalie Crowe,

njoy xx