Real Results

Our skincare products are abundant with organic ingredients that are so beneficial for our skin's natural defence and health. Even though our products are formulated for gentle daily use on our entire face, many of our customers are finding that they are also very beneficial for our other skin problems too.

"The Q10 Day Creme is amazing! I'm very sensitive to SPF moisterisers and have struggled to find products that don't cause a reaction. I was nervous about trying it on my face for the first time but it's been brilliant, no reaction at all. I love that it's light enough to go under my foundation too." - Danielle L

"My husband mentioned how nice my skin was the other day and he never notices things like that, now that's a testament in itself! I really am njoying your products they are lovely" - Liz.

"I am loving my new night cream, it’s the best I have used on my skin for some time. As I am going though menopause my skin was reacting to so many products, even ones I had used for years. After using the night cream my skin feels soft and much smoother. Such lovely packaging too, at a great price, it’s thumbs up from me 👍" - Jen B

"I’ve been using all the products for a while now. I love that I can leave the house without makeup and my face looks nice and fresh. I like feeling the restoration eye gel do it’s thing as soon as I apply it! I love that the day créme has SPF 15 in it as I have pale skin and burn easily! Can’t forget the quick and easy 2 in 1 face wash and toner, I like to keep it in my shower caddy so it can be used everyday and doesn’t get forgotten about. Highly recommend these amazing products, a little goes a long way!  ❤️❤️" - Chelsey W

"They smell amazing!! The Night Repair Creme, Eye Restoration Gel and Facewash & Tone are brilliant! I got my partner to try your Day Cream, and I can see that his skin is looking younger already!" - Kylie J (30 Yrs)

"I've had dermatitis ever since I can remember, at different times of the year it's more noticeable, and it drives me nuts. After applying the Q10 Night Repair Creme, the itchiness stopped and I got instant relief! Within 3 days of applying it morning and night, it has nearly disappeared completely. I don't expect that the product will cure me, but it sure does help a lot with my skin condition." - Natalie C (46 Yrs)

"I really like how thick it is, because I only need to use a very small amount compared to my other brands, and yet it is very light on my face. My friends are now commenting on how good my skin looks, and I have noticed that my sunspots have lightened considerably. I would highly recommend Njoy Cosmetics, the scent is subtle yet beautiful, and it's wonderful for my frail and sensitive skin." - Ann C (79 Yrs)

"I love that your products are cruelty free, vegan and free of parabens too. I'm very careful about what I put on my skin and I love all of your organic ingredients." - Kathy N (51 Yrs)

"The Face Wash & Tone saves me time in the morning and it's soo refreshing! I've become concerned with the harsh chemicals in my other brands, and I can't wait to try the rest of your products. I really 'njoy' them." - Sarah P (28 Yrs)

"I love the Night Repair Creme, it's so smooth and I like the smell. I keep it right next to my bed." - Heather P (50 Yrs)

"I have been using your Night Repair Creme and I must say I'm pretty pleased. The wrinkles under my eyes are starting to decrease and I can see the difference after 10 days of using it every night before bed." - Tammie